Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ok.... bare with me...

I really had to think about doing this. Blogging I mean, there are so many blogs out and I didn't want to be lost in the crowd. I am currently 5 days away from my 39th birthday and I have had this feeling that I need to get some things off my chest per-say. I started my weight loss journey April 2010 at a whopping 371 lbs. And now almost a year later I'm at 265 lbs. 106lbs weight loss is nothing to snooze at.

I started my life change after a trip with my younger sister to visit our brother who at the time was working in up state New York. The entire time on the trip my body hurt and I was down right unhappy. I knew that I had to make a change or my life was going to be over sooner than I could imagine. There were other factors that made me want to make the change also but, my health was my main reason.

I guess in my crazy way of thinking while talking to myself "there are so many things that I cannot control right now but,my weight is so why not get off my BIG BUTT and make a change."  And that is what began my change toward a better life.

I don't know if anyone will ever read my blog but,if you do...  I hope that my words can help at least one person find the will power to make a change for the better.