Monday, March 21, 2011

Before and After Pictures from 2007-2011

I have to say this last weekend has made me really take a look back at my journey. As you can see from the pictures they range from Dec.2007-Mar.2011. I hope that you can see it has been difficult to make changes in my life but, when I really decided to take the steps toward change it worked and will continue to work for me. This last year has been a Hard Long road to take due to family and friend issues. But when I look at the time I put in to working out and eating right I know it works. As of Saturday March 19th I have lost a total of 114lbs. I hope that anyone that reads about me understands that I have not taken any pills or anything other than excerise and eating right! I am here to tell everyone... what they say is right if you excerise and eat right it will work and the weight will come off.