Sunday, April 10, 2011

Well we did it 5K in 56.10 minutes!

This is after the run/walk 5k in Altamonte Springs Cranes Roost Park. This was a good day for me. This is the first of many I'm sure. On the way home I sent my trainer a message and she told me that she saw a half marathon in my future. I told her that was a possibility way way way in the future. And this is what she told me I could treat myself too.....

Of course Krissy and I shared it and I left the rest for her.. or whom ever wanted it. I agree with her now about treating yourself after something like that. I looked at my fitbit(activity tracker) and it told me that I had taken over 13639 steps and over 5 miles yesterday. Any way today is a new day and I feel good no aches or pains any where and I look forward to getting back into the gym tomorrow. Its funny I'm sitting here writing this and thinking why didn't I have this kind of control and determination when I was 25? Boy what I could have by now..  But then I think maybe I wasn't ready then like I am now. Hmmm something to think about.

Something else just popped in my head my mom really was right.."hard work does pay off"! WOW its really is true! And we thought they didn't know anything..

Talk to you all soon..